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SOUND:Holy CRAP! My motor woke up in terms of sound. It sounds so mean at 2400+rpms. To ME it kinda sounds like a 5.3 Chevy v8 but a small additional subdued. I like the sound.

Neo-Titanium Finish Race Sheet Metal Consumption Manifold by Weapon-R®. Boost airflow amongst the throttle entire body and cylinder head. Putting in this consumption manifold will outcome in a significant Best Performance Air Intake System horsepower raise. A mountain of dust and our 1/2 million dollar lab is how far we have gone to make confident your engine is protected. Seems to be great. Just an FYI, we refer to that as a Hot Air Consumption since is is open to the heat of the engine compartment.

Information = VagCom logs present no signal of MAF issues or fuel trim issues, the consumption program was an straightforward Best Air Intake System set up and seamless transition. I'm estimating with my truck set up I am gaining over 10 hp with the intake. I unquestionably observed a mid range attain. Passing cars the truck will get pace considerably like a diesel would. I'll have to see if I can pull any extra mpg. Strengthening the appear of the engine bay with fashion - Bully Canine intakes are designed to give your engine bay a wonderful, sleek, custom finish.

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